Happy belated Birthday Ling & Kion!

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Happy belated Birthday Ling & Kion!

Post  litoxpinky on Wed Jan 15, 2014 3:34 pm


Really I mean it. The work you guys contribute to Karneval and Ling to Ilegenes is greatly appreciated. Thanks for translating Kion. And thank you for providing raws (aka saving us) and typesetting Ling. Y’ALL ARE AMAZING. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and another great day today and all throughout the years :)Happy belated birthday! We’re releasing Ilegenes today for this occasion (yeah it’s back!) and here are more birthday messages from the rest of the staff~

AimoAio: Omg it’s Midorima and Takao! *O* -drools over the pictures- Oh crap, birthday message right? Er…well Happy Birthday to both of you? Very Happy

JK guys, I’m not so lazy as to slack off on birthday messages (or maybe I am, I reckon I might have missed 1 or 2 of your birthdays before *sobs* I’m such a terrible admin…..). ANYWAY both of you work on Karneval so I suggest both of you get back to work on Karneval. Well you can have a 1 day break since it’s your birthday (which technically has passed but since I’m soooo kind Razz) but get back to work after! Very Happy

Ok for reals now. I’m deeply thankful to the both of you for joining and helping out the team especially since we’re in dire need of staffing these days (with me not being very active) so I’m especially grateful for any amount of work you two put in. Ling for being a superstar and destroying scanning your lovely volumes for us to scanlate and also helping out with typesetting whenever you can because I really don’t like typesetting that much LOL, and also to Kion for helping us translate Japanese chapters despite being worried about your translations not being the best because you helped out and for that, I’m happy already (also I’m sure you’ll do well in your studies! Sadly my Japanese sucks bad so I can’t help you there D; )

Now you two kick up your feet and have a nice relaxing or a super mega wild time (depending on your preferences lol)! Happy Birthday once again! ^O^

Shion: I don’t really know what to say except for Happy Belated Birthday to the both of you. And thank you Ling, for scanning your books for us. You scans saved us, literally.

Yuriski: Dear Kion and Kuroba,

Happy Birthday~~ Am really new to the group so I havent had the chance to know everyone personally orz;; do wish both of you a great day and thank you so much for all your hard work all these time!! *A*

Ai Sakura: To Kion: Happy Birthday Kion~~ Thank you so much for working on Karneval and I wish you a great birthday! Very Happy

To Ling: Happy Birthday Ling! Thanks for scanning both Karneval and Illegenes for us~ I wish that you’ll have a great birthday! Very Happy

Selva3bd: Happy Birthday, you two lovely babes <3 Thanks for always being so helpful to the group and for being great people  Very Happy

midnight-song: Happy birthday to both of you. Hope you enjoy yourselves and make this a fun and memorable year. Best wishes!

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Re: Happy belated Birthday Ling & Kion!

Post  kuroba on Thu Jan 16, 2014 12:04 am

Thanks for the birthday wishes so much and happy birthday to my birthday buddy Kion! Very Happy

Also the Midorima and Takao are really cute~
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