Twitter, Refurbishment and a Joint Project

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Twitter, Refurbishment and a Joint Project

Post  AimoAio on Tue Mar 12, 2013 10:14 am

Just a little note that I’ll be refurbishing the site layout in the upcoming week….err..maybe following weeks too, depending on how fast I get it done so please excuse any weird looking webpages. If you see any broken/missing links do report it to us though.

I’ve also created a Twitter where we’ll post both chapter updates and other news for those who prefer using Twitter over email notifications. You can follow us here. The link is also down the right at the bottom with the rest of the widgets. Kind of a pain which is one of the reasons I’m modifying the layout.

And lastly, we’re officially picking up Kurenai Ouji as a joint project with Cloud9 Scans! I’ll post more about this once we’ve finalized the arrangements and whatnot but for fans of the series, you’ll be seeing some chapters hopefully soon! ^^
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