New Forum Updates!

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New Forum Updates!

Post  AimoAio on Fri Nov 09, 2012 7:59 am

Well I'll post an official notice on the wordpress site later but I've made some major changes to the forum, most noticeable: the addition of a new category and new forum sections.

Announcements: Will be reserved for posts like this. Generally updates that will affect the main site/forum or new series pickups will be formal announcements through here.
Recruitment: I'll be splitting that huge first post into different positions so new recruits don't have to scroll through walls of text just to find the positions they want to apply for. Recruitment will still be done through email (temporarily until I can set up something better)
Releases: This section is reserved for chapter releases and archiving of series. The previous layout wasn't much of a problem when we only had Karneval but I've been thinking if the group was to pick up another project, this way will make it much easier to handle.
Project Suggestions: Just like the name suggestions. Anything regarding potential new projects will go in here. I'll be moving over previously suggested material when I'm free after updating everything.

General: (This section is completely brand new! Very Happy)
Introductions: For new members and new staff members to introduce themselves! Talk with other members and get to know each other better! I find it's less intimidating to post on a forum if they have this section for newbies. (Well it could just be me. XD)
Anime/Manga discussion: Discuss new ongoing or old completed series here!
Forum Games: For when you're bored. Razz
Other Discussion: Random stuff that doesn't fit into other categories but we still wanna talk about it! XD

Staff Area:
Everything remains unchanged. Well at least until we confirm pickup for a new series in which case I'll need to find out how to make subsections/forums for each series. XD
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