Happy Birthday lito!

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Happy Birthday lito!

Post  AimoAio on Wed Dec 04, 2013 4:03 am

Sorry you get a crappy banner made by me ;D can't exactly make the birthday girl make a banner for herself right? ;D;D At least Nai is super cute. RIGHT? XD

Anyway our release for today is the extras from volume 11! (Sadly not something you worked on but since I don’t manage Omumedai or Kurenai Ouji, I can’t release one of those chapters for you T__T but hey you love and work on Karneval anyway! Very Happy)

Volume 11 Extras



Josephinix: Happy birthday lito! Thanks for always being so friendly and helpful, i hope you have a great one! Very Happy

Shion: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE SECOND MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN THIS GROUP!! You’ve done so much for this group, I don’t even know how to thank you. Hope you have a good time on your birthday.

Rii: Happy Birthday Lito! Thanks for being awesome!~ *throws confetti*

Selva: Happy Birthday, dear lito. I hope you have a good one and enjoy your day to the fullest. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead of you. You’re a wonderful person and I’m so glad I got to meet you and work with you when I joined the group <3

Mei-mei: Happy Birthday, to a timeless classic, who will never go out of style~~~ May it be full of lots of yummy sweets!

Celsilphe: Happy Birthday lito! All my best wishes! Have a great day ♥️

monn: Dear litoxpinky aka lito, one of my most cherished cleaners ever. Happy fabulous birthday! I really do wish you all the best. May you get that birthday present that you want the most. Though I’m not sure what. xD Thank you for all the things you’ve done for this group! I’m looking forward to working with you for moreeeeee years to come! ;-D

Ling: Hi lito! Thank you so much for all the hard work you’ve put in for the group and also the advice for my scans. Best wishes for your birthday and I hope have a great one (:

thorro: Happy Birthday lito, I hope the day is filled of laughter and joy!
Thank you very much for your patience with me, I’ve only been with this group for a short time but I feel like I’m part of the family already.
Best of luck with your schooling!

Ai Sakura: Happy Birthday lito~ Though I am new at L.O.V.E, I want to thank you for being a wonderful QCer to the Kurenai Ouji series! I wish you all the best and hope that you had a great birthday Very Happy
Here’s to more KO releases xD

AimoAio:  Obviously mines had to go last because it’s a freaking essay and you’d be best off getting a nice cup of tea, maybe a biscuit or two before you start to read the rest of my waffle which I shall start with…NOW. HAPPY IRTHDAY LITO! I’m soooo blessed to have you on the team because you are so enthusiastic and literally work on EVERYTHING. You’re also interested in a lot of stuff I love too so it makes chatting with you wonderful and always entertaining (ahem bishies, tales *cough*) so I’m never ever bored. You’ve done so much for the team, I don’t even know where to begin thanking you. T__T You edit, proofread and even manage two projects on your own! I know it’s a taxing job and it’s normally an admin’s work to handle all of this but I’m happy you were willing to help out and take over as a project manager. You’ve done an excellent job with those two series too and even give me tips on editing when you do QC’ing. Really, I’m so lucky. THANK YOU SO MUCH. When the next Tales game comes out, we are going to fangirl together SO MUCH. And you know what? I HONESTLY CAN’T WAIT FOR IT! IT’S SO EXCITING! And being able to share this excitement with you as a friend makes me feel really happy. I hope you have a super awesome day, plenty of presents and good food, you know, the usual stuff but on top of that, I really hope you give yourself a FULL DAY OF REST. From work, school work, scanlating, whatever else. Just give yourself one day to play games, read some manga, watch some tv/anime or even go out somewhere and GO WILDDDDDDDDDDDDD! (Ahem I don’t mean TOO wild. Getting wasted and vomiting everywhere probably isn’t the way to go and I am totally not speaking from experience. Not at all. ) Anyway I’m rambling too much, once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Very Happy
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