Kurenai Ouji Status Update

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Kurenai Ouji Status Update

Post  litoxpinky on Thu May 30, 2013 2:48 pm

This project is going to be put on hold after chapter 9.

What this means is that we are still actively working on this project, and we are NOT dropping it. It is being stilted off releases because our joint partner, Cloud9 Scans, who is in charge of translations + proofreading, hasn't responded to our vicious threats lovely reminders for a month now. We already have chapters cleaned in advanced and are continuing this (welcome our new KO cleaner Effie!) and have ready, available, fantastic typesetters (Haruiro & suirendaily) for when the translations do come. So until we hear back from Cloud9 Scans or get a permanent translator specifically for this project, Kurenai Ouji will be put on hold.

Thanks for your attention ladies and gents, hope you understand and have some patience. I love this baby too.
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