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Post  litoxpinky on Mon Apr 08, 2013 4:53 am

Oh ho ho hope you’re having a great birthday!
This is how everyone on the staff I imagine you as in the alternate universe where we’re a band of pirates.

I’ve lightly touched upon it before, but our admin is THE BEST. Stranded early on in the seven seas of scanlations, did she become sea foam?? No! She made a wooden raft that became a boat that became a conquering ship that became us. This blog/team wouldn’t be here without her revival skill set and we’re ever so happy that she survived with others so enjoy your birthday! Eat all of the cake and enjoy your bishies for the next year! He’s in your closet, you’re just not looking hard enough

The rest of your adoring fans:

midnight-song: Happy birthday, dear Aimo-sama… happy birthday to you! I’ll try to keep this short because as you’ve pointed out before, the more I talk, the moreevil wonderful ideas I end up giving you… xD Anyway, it’s been great fun getting to know you more and finding out that we share many of the same tastes when it comes to manga, anime, and characters. Thank you for being so dedicated and encouraging to the group. I hope you enjoy your special day to the fullest since you totally deserve it. <3 Best wishes from your translator/bishie-hunter!

SilentWisper: Happy birthday Aimo Aio I hope you had a cheerful year and wish you many cheerful years to come!! Last year and probably now its been more than a year since you became the leader of the group as you were the only one to step up and take the leadership of the group and you’ve done a great job until now i hope you keep this up always!! Wish you a blissful life and Happy birthday again Very Happy

Selva3bd: This is my first time working with a scanlation group, and so far it’s been a wonderful experience thanks to you and all the lovely staff members. Thanks for your support and encouragement. Thanks for always being nice and considerate to everyone around here. Thanks for being an awesome person. Thanks for fangirling with me over PsychoPass every week XD I suck with words and especially birthday messages, but I just want to say that I’m glad I got to know you and spend time with you. Thank you, Aimo. <3 have a lovely birthday party and eat lots of cake. <333333

Tiffany: Aimo~ What to say, what to say. Well, I guess I just wanted to say thank you so, so much for being a wonderful admin! Everything in the process of a release goes so smoothly, and it’s all thanks to you! Thank you to much for dedicating your time to the group and us, and our skype conversations are always a ton of fun (because fangirling, hah)!
So…happy birthday~! I hope you have an amazing one, ’cause you sure to deserve it!

Shion: Thanks you for pulling us through during the dark hours. It must not be easy but you did a great job for bring us to where we are now. Hope you get more bishounens this year and I’m sure the upcoming anime season will help a lot Cool Oh, and happy birthday Very Happy

monn: litoxpinky proposed three smexy pictures for us staff to choose from but to be honest I think all of those pictures go well with what I want to say to you on your birthday, Aimo. Which is: “WORK WELL OR ELSE…!” lol Happy birthday SUPER Admin! Thanks for making me a part of this lovely scanlation group. It’s nice working with you and although I know you must be extremely busy and stressed out with study and work in real life, you always incredibly manage to come back here; all smiles and giggles… You’ve done a lot for us– technically with your comments / advises / guidance regarding our performance as a scanlation team and spiritually with your support and cheering emoticons. HBD again and best of luck!!!! *sending virtual hugs, bishies, bouquets, cakes, teddy bears, and more bishies through the internet*


And to end this birthday bash of being alive and being resurrected, we’re breathing life into a dropped project! You may have heard of it, you may have spent dark nights hoping it’ll be released again! Of whatever faction you belong, we’re happy in joint with Cloud9 Scans to present Chapter 08 of Kurenai Ouji!

That’s all folks. Have a g-g-g-gr-e-e-eaat day!
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Post  AimoAio on Sun Apr 14, 2013 1:09 am

@midnight: best part of your message was the "Aimo-sama" part. ;D I FEEL DA POWER~! XD

@Silent: you were also around with me since the founding days! And I'm so glad you still are. <3 Here's to another year of hard work! Very Happy

@Selva: the many "thank yous" in your message really had me all teary. ;__; I don't deserve so many thanks! If anything, it should be me thanking you and the rest of the awesome staff members for making this group so fun to be with! If it weren't for you guys, I don't know if I'd been able to last until now. <3 AND PSYCHOPASS 4EVAAAA~! XD (Btw have you been watching Gargantia? 8D)

@Tiffany: can never get enough of fangirling ;D And when Hakkenden S2 airs, MOAR FANGIRLING! XD And also all those hot seiyuus and bishies this season. *__*

@Shion: oh hell yes, more bishies this season! My favourite. <3 And I'm really glad you're around too Shion. It's hard to dedicate yourself to something and you being here since from the start, makes me feel reassured. And you've helped a tonne moderating and keeping track of progress threads and whatnot, thank you!

@monn: aww I'm happy you feel happy in the group. ;__; I always worry incase I'm not being a very great admin and the group feels more like a work-only zone for the staff. It should be a fun thing afterall! I'm glad I could bring some smiles to you guys. <3 NOW GET BACK TO WORK ALL OF YOU! Twisted Evil (XD)

@lito: omg that metaphor about me becoming sea foam made me LOL so much! XD Thank you for organizing all this, it's really a wonderful present and I was happy to receive it!

Anyway I had a great birthday and I'm sorry for such a late reply, thanks again you lot! <3
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