Omumedai Series Pick Up

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Omumedai Series Pick Up

Post  litoxpinky on Wed Feb 20, 2013 4:17 pm

YES! You read that right!
L.O.V.E. Scanlations is picking up for scanlation, Omumedai by Kayase Shiki.

You may know her from her many great Arcana oneshots.

In regards, to our intended scanlation, we need help! The completed series runs for 2 volumes, so if you ever only wanted to help out for a short while, now’s your chance! We are recruiting at least one each of the following before starting this project:

Raw Provider (desperately needed before other work may be started; printed in the magazine Comic Zero-Sum (Ichijinsha) 2011 or in tankobon copies, preferably HQ raws => faster releases)
Japanese to English Translator

All positions will follow regular application process using the contact form at the bottom of the “Recruitment” tab (, just indicate in the message or subject title that you wish to help out with Omumedai.

Following is the summary:
In order to sustain a world on the verge of death, two groups, Blanches and Noires, vie for dreams.

Every six months, the group with the fewer dreams has to send a number of members to the human world, where they will eventually die. Heki, a Blanche, fights to get ahead of the game, so he doesn’t have to see his friends shipped off… again.
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